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A showcase of design of eBooks, reports, guides and infographics.

eBooks, reports, guides&infographics
A little backstory
I’ve been fascinated with editorial design since the very first Cosmo I stole from my mother when I was way younger than appropriate. I might have gotten a little more into excessive shopping than I care to admit, but more importantly, I got really into design. I’ve spent countless hours meditatively exploring the wondrous magic of skilfully translating distinct tone of voice, narrative, style and message to layout, type, photography and composition. I also learned a ton of helpful stuff like what I should never wear at a wedding and how to polish my silver jewellery (I am forever grateful for that). A few years later, when I saw The Devil Wears Prada in high school, I said to myself, “This is it. I will work for a fashion magazine, and one day, I will make Meryl Streep proud of me.”​​​​​​​
Be that as it may, we all know how life works. Instead, I landed in tech. Perhaps it would’ve been almost frustrating if I hadn’t come across a great team of creative marketers who were all about producing genuinely valuable content as the most important key point of the company’s marketing strategy. As a result, I got to do the design work for amazingly laid-out pieces of inbound marketing content, such as eBooks, reports, guides, and infographics. Soon I realised all this wasn't any different from everything I once fell in love with. We still had a distinguishable tone of voice and recognisable style to be transferred to strong visuals, a specific narrative to be rendered into a layout, and a clear message to be conveyed through smart use of type, photography and composition. Since then, I’ve happily designed various inbound pieces within the fintech industry while wearing a Prada shirt here and there.
Win-win. Below are some examples.
Thank you.
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