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Here’s where I tell you some nice things about myself. My name is Elizabeth Danielova, and I live and work in Sofia, Bulgaria. Since I graduated from New Bulgarian University with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic design in 2014, I’ve worked across various industries, including agency, NGO, pharmaceuticals, and tech, doing print and digital, leading teams of designers and managing complex design processes. In 2020, while on the in-house marketing team of a leading payment service provider, I enrolled in UNWE’s Marketing and Advertising Management Master’s program to understand my fellow marketers better. I learned what customer acquisition cost was, but still have no clue what’s up with all the matcha lattes. Maybe I should just stick to visual. I specialize in marketing design, focusing on brand, advertising, and editorial.
Now, let's talk business. I can do design with one hand tied behind my back. I can make the logo bigger and still not butcher the entire artwork: I am the master of give and take (and I know my craft). I never miss a detail (a very petty Virgo over here). I can spend countless hours in front of my laptop before my back starts to hurt (and still do no yoga at all costs). I find deadlines amusing and—wait for it—always name my layers. All that and a big bag of chips. But don’t just listen to me. Check out what others have to say:
"​​​Elizabeth is the kindest person I know and also a great graphic designer."
—my mom
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